WELCOME chapter 3&4

 My name is Beatriz, I am one of the teachers involved in this Etwinning Project in which our school collaborates with a Belgian one, exploring the world of the Web 2.0 in a creative and inspiring way.

You can find in this slide show a bit of me,  all the pictures  were taken by myself. Though these images you can see which are my main hobbies and interests. There two sports I practice quite regularly; snowboarding and scubadiving, obviuosly it depends on the season. But my favourite is travelling all around the world. The photos were taken in my last trips. I have also included part of my home town with 2 of  my 3 dogs and grapes at the harvest time in La Rioja.

[rockyou id=133503145&w=426&h=319]



I use MAGMYPIC to introduce you  these STUDENTS FROM 2ºESO who have taken part in a virtual exchange with people from all over the world!!

We’ve been echanging mails, photos and experiences… maybe the most striking for us have been those students from the Marshall Islands!!! we have also communicate with students from Mainne (Oregon-USA) and from Mumbai (India).

Isn’t it funny???

Resultado del efecto en foto

Isn’t funny to become a star ???

maybe it could be possible for you one day but it is definetly too late for me!!!